Want To Be A Leader? Be Accountable!

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Everybody wants to be the leader!

My kids are encouraged to develop their leadership skills in preschool on “Leader Day”, where they get to lead the marching line to the restroom for potty break – AND bring Rice Krispy Treats or other goodies to create the appearance of being at the epicenter of attention (after all, it’s hard not to get attention when you’re the one handing out the goodies).

However, as much as everyone really dreams of being the leader, not as many are interested in the responsibility that comes along with the title.

Being accountable is the hallmark of a true leader.

Even if you’re the owner of your own company, you’re still accountable to your team – and ultimately your job is developing future leaders. You aren’t going to lead forever – as much as you’d like to delude yourself into thinking otherwise.

As a leader, your job is to face the responsibilities that are expected of you, whether it be your shareholders, your team, your customers, or even the public. You don’t blame other situations. You don’t blame the economy. You don’t blame other people. In the end, there’s always something you, yourself can do to change the trajectory and your outcome.

If you’re not accepting the accountability that comes with leadership, you’re just playing the victim card.

Victims are sheep, waiting around passively for the next wolf to come along. A leader is an action-taker. They’re not afraid to make a decision in the face of adversity – even if they don’t see the clear outcome. Taking action takes strength.

Any person held accountable to achieving any goal should be empowered with all of the decisions. This starts at the top, but certainly doesn’t mean “top-down” authority in a business.

Be accountable, expect accountability. Set the vision, and then let others be accountable for their own decisions in moving towards the goals.

This doesn’t mean everyone gets to do whatever they want. Leadership doesn’t mean giving everyone the ability to make every independent decision. A leader should be listening to everything, but acting alone. And in acting, you’re committing to your decision.

Vacillation will only create doubt and frustration with your team. Set the goals, empower your team, and act.

No business can ever expect to prosper until the leadership is prepared to accept the core responsibility that comes along with the mantle.

Ask yourself every day, “what about my leadership produced these results?”

When you start to accept this accountability on a daily basis, and then move to act upon it, a whole new world opens up.

You will be transformed.

Your business will be transformed.


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