Catalyst 2016 – Dayton Ohio’s startup and innovation showcase

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The Dayton, Ohio, startup community held their 2016 Catalyst event this morning. It was a great event featuring several of the showcase presentations of new technologies and startups coming out of the Dayton area.

I attended the event with my friends from Ascend Innovations, who were also very much a part of the event. Candace Dalmagne-Rouge is the business development director for Ascend, and she did a fantastic job of moderating the panel discussion with several VCs.

Some other highlights:

  • Simone Sayed was the keynote presenter. Simone founded Velorum Capital, a seed-stage venture capital firm bringing industry into the 21st century through the convergence of hardware, software, and data analytics with investments in manufacturing, construction, robotics & automation, and engineering tools. Simone was previously an investor with Mithril Capital Management, computational neuroscientist advising Halcyon Molecular, Chief of Marketing at Tradehill bitcoin exchange, Co-Founder at mobile peer to peer payments system, Co-Founder of BIL Conference, and Founder of BlackStarr Media, who was major partners with SpaceX and Discovery Channel. Some Silicon Valley VC investors view purely research stage investment as a viable opportunity. Not everything has to be post-sales revenue to be considered for capital injection.
  • Local Dayton area med-tech startup, Ascend Innovations, is developing a new technology to deliver real-time concussion assessments to the parents and coaches of young athletes. Through a simple guided test, Vye can be used to provide objective and quantitative results pointing to potential head injury or concussion. Prior to Vye, a trained professional would perform a series of tests measuring subjective symptoms. Vye’s mobile technology displaces the pen and paper to provide parents and clinical professionals alike with quantitative and objective data to support concussed individuals throughout the entire continuum of care. Anthony Munoz has agreed to support Ascend Innovations‘ flagship product effort, Vye. Vye is a concussion detection app for mobile smartphones. It is intended to detect the 30% of concussions that go undiagnosed and untreated – causing many health issues later on for sufferers.
  • sNRL’s digital filters allow all analog signals to become digital without loss of resolution. This eliminates artifacts, or ripples and oscillations, traditionally introduced from current digital signal processing (DSP) filters and greatly improves upon the performance, accuracy, precision, and efficiency of today’s filters, methods, and algorithms.
  • Creating a better quality of life is the driving value for Obi. Every day, millions of individuals in the U.S. alone must be fed by caregivers and find it to be a frustrating experience. Frequently, these individuals must be fed before, after or during a meal. This ostracizes the individual with physical challenges and places additional time pressure and stress on a caretaker. Obi substitutes and simulates the functionality of a human arm during a meal; Obi selects, captures and delivers food at the command of the diner.
  • GlobalFlyte designs, develops, integrates and supports advanced sensing, communications and collaboration systems provisioned as a service over the Internet. GlobalFlyte provides the associated training that enhances situational awareness and understanding for incident response and emergency management teams (provides incident commanders with better situational awareness enabling them to make better informed decisions to protect life and property).
  • Cognovi Labs’ semantic web technology provides real-time analysis of social data. Our machine learning technology provides deep and actionable intelligence for better decision-making.
  • Cubester is at the forefront of creative office technology, developing new solutions for time management and productivity. We obsess over achieving workplace efficiency and love helping people cultivate productive habits. Our goal is to bring out the best in everyone — our team, our clients, and every individual they are connected with. POCCO literally builds a barrier for interruptions and creates an environment to accomplish high efficiency in short intervals of time.
  • saWyze is a humanitarian platform that provides in-field situational awareness for large scale population gatherings including refugee camps, border events, disasters, sport/concert venues, and other large scale gatherings. Through pro-active alerting and early warning features, medical and aid professionals have enhanced ability to save lives, decrease suffering, and reduce runaway costs for the field ops above.

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