CES 2017: Techstars Eureka Park

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CES is an awesome place for tech in general. If you really wanted to find a high concentration of emerging, disruptive tech, Techstars’ Eureka Park was the place to be. Incidentally, it was the place I spent probably the most time talking to all the startups and innovators.

Eureka Park was at the Sands Convention Center, and had… well, probably more startups concentrated in a single place than I have ever seen elsewhere. Techstars curated the attendees, so there was at least a modicum of evaluation that took place. There were startups from literally all over the world: Israel, France, Belgium, New Zealand… pretty amazing.

Of course, we had solid representation from our own, beloved StartupCincy family. Spatial was there with a booth. Rodney Williams was on a panel representing Lisnr.

Soundstr was there as well but they were over in the Gracenote VIP area at the Cosmopolitan since Gracenote is a partner in the company. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for Soundstr because they’re trying to get into the first Techstars class for Techstars Music in LA this spring.

It was great to see so many of the Techstars family since we spent a lot of time with them in Cincinnati for FounderCon this past October. They did an awesome job of Eureka Park, which for a startup junkie like myself, was probably the highlight of all of CES.

We will be featuring many of the awesome companies and their tech over the coming weeks on 10XTS.


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