Go With Your Gut Feeling

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Magnus Walker is an interesting guy. Growing up as a poor kid in Sheffield, England, he was not exactly the likely candidate for fulfilled dreams. Especially when his dream was that of a Porsche enthusiast. But undaunted, he forged through life until events and circumstances led him to success – and the fulfillment of his childhood fantasies.

His is an amazing story of careless abandon, led by his inner gut voice always telling him, “What’s the worst that could happen?”

I personally resonate with Magnus’ story. Especially because I have always lived in a spot where the confluence of my understanding of technology, business, capital, and social forces helped shape my understanding of the future. It hasn’t necessarily always been practical to focus more about what’s coming in 7 to 10 years than how I am going to pay my bills next month. A head full of knowledge that can hardly even be discussed with 99% of the people around me for lack of understanding isn’t necessarily practical.

But I go with my gut feeling and forge ahead.

Michael Hiles

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