Going slow so you can go fast

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In high speed police chases, there’s something that sometimes happens to the pursuing officer called “tunnel vision”. This phenomenon is when an officer focuses on the suspect vehicle and his or her visual acuity eliminates everything else around them.

Tunnel vision has led to horrific crashes and unintended consequences due to the officer’s peripheral vision literally disappearing, making them unable to see that bus load of school kids coming through the intersection right before the impact.

Sometimes one of the hardest things for any entrepreneur to do is SLOW DOWN. That internal, full-throttle drive is wired into the DNA, so the notion of taking a step back isn’t one that comes easily. However, sometimes it is the only thing that will help you get over the current hurdle.

Your brain literally has to take a break. Your vision becomes skewed, and you’re unable to see other things, particularly things that may ultimately crash as a result of that narrow, tunnel vision focus.

Take breaks, step back, think about something else for a while. That way, you can return to the task at hand fully recharged and fresh. When it’s time to stomp on the pedal and take it to high speed, you’re in better shape to sustain the effort.

Runners know that sprints are much different than marathons. It’s impossible to run such a long distance at full speed. Pacing one’s self is the key strategy to the long distance run.

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