It’s Not About Ideas, It’s About Making Ideas Happen

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There’s a glut of ideas on the market. There’s a shortage of execution on all those wonderful ideas.

Ideas are a dime a dozen.

People spend an inordinate amount of time coming up with billion dollar ideas. Then they work to protect those ideas as if any idea, by itself, is gold. They work to keep the ideas secret, afraid someone is going to steal the ideas. This is possibly one of the most foolish things anyone can do.


Success in anything requires a tribe of like-minded people working to bring an idea into existence. Very few, if any, ideas can be built into something meaningful by a solitary person hiding in some cellar. It simply just doesn’t happen.

When you shine light on your ideas and get other people involved, a community can be built around a focused effort to transform the ideas from things solely existing in someone’s head into beautiful reality.

Instead of hiding your greatest concept ever like it’s going to be stolen away from you, work to spread the idea as far as possible. Bring more people into the fold. Work to execute on the idea with help from those who believe in the idea.

Leaders aren’t created by hiding bold thoughts from others. Leaders are created when they bring an idea into existence by enabling others to work on that idea.

Stop hiding your billion dollar thoughts and work to turn them into reality!


Michael Hiles

CEO 10XTS, INTJ, chaotic good, PDP/11 in '79 (THAT kid), info architect, Milton Friedman, data science, semantics, epistemology, coffee snob, OG hip hop

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